Panic at the Point! Workshop for Teachers & Students

Breaking News: There was an explosive attack at Point State Park on fireworks night! Fireworks contaminated with a biological agent, a chemical agent, and shrapnel exploded over the crowd.

Your Mission: Retrieve and test the unexploded material to identify the contaminants, assess the risk of exposure to the crowd, and identify the perpetrator.

The Panic at the Point! Workshop kicks off with a mock press conference, followed by a week of hands-on STEM-related activities, geared for both teachers and students (grades 9-12).

Student instruction covers STEM content, lab skills, team building, and career opportunities. Teachers receive separate instruction in STEM content, lab skills, pedagogy, and gender equity and diversity training.

Throughout the week, STEM professionals will add excitement, real world context, and exposure to STEM careers.

Instructors for each lab include an Upper St. Clair teacher, a Science Center staff member, and STEM Master's Program students from California University of Pennsylvania.

On the last day of the workshop, students and teachers will participate in a final "press briefing" to report their results and resolve the case!

Teachers register now and share this cool opportunity with your students!

Dates: Monday, July 30 – Friday, Aug. 3
Times: 9 am – 3 pm
Location: Upper St. Clair High School
Cost: FREE for Teachers ($300 stipend included); $350 per Student (lunch included)
How to Register: Call 412.237.1637. (But act fast – only 30 spots for teachers available)

At registration, students should have ranked the following content areas for their workshop experience in order of preference: biotechnology, robotics/engineering or chemistry/materials science.

The Science Center is piloting this unique professional development workshop with Upper St. Clair High School through the Teacher Excellence Academy, which is part of the Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development.