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Science is always exciting in the Works Theater, a live showcase of dazzling demonstrations in a one-of-a-kind industrial setting. Taste a frozen marshmallow, blast off into space, or feel the zap of electricity! It’s all in the Works!

Special needs:There is a ramp accessible to the Main Electricity Stage. Please note: Some Works Theater programs may contain water-vapor fog, strobe lighting, and loud sounds. Visitors with sensitivity to these conditions should be cautious.


New! Earth and Friends – opening early 2011
Content themes: Early Learner, Physical Science, Astronomy
Early learners will embark on an adventure through the Solar System with their grown-ups as they explore space chemistry together, and visit Earth and its “pals” (the other major planets) as they go around the Sun on a Magic Planet video sphere.
Grades: PreK–K
Sponsored by: Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh; Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

Content themes: Physical Science
In this chillingly cool show, students will see the effects of super-cold liquid nitrogen on balloons, rubber balls, batteries, and more as they learn about states of matter. The show’s ever-popular set of experiments demonstrates what happens when things get really cold.
Grades: 1–6
Capacity: 75

New! It Came From Outer Space – opening spring 2011
Content themes: Physical Science, Astronomy, Engineering & Technology
Join our mission with Pittsburgh native Captain Mike Fincke as we explore space and new technologies that benefit us here on planet Earth.
Grades: 4–8
Capacity: 200

High Voltage
Content themes: Physical Science, Engineering & Technology
Join us for a hair-raising, shocking experience with our Van de Graff generator. The Van de Graff makes kids’ hair stand on end and zaps a safe shock as it demonstrates about electrical currents. The show also features our Tesla Coil and its one-million-volt display of light and sound. Other features include electrostatic machines that demonstrate concepts of charge, grounding, and voltage; relationships between electricity and magnetism; a Whimhurst machine; an electrostatic air cleaner; and more.
Grades: 6–12
Capacity: 200
Sponsored by:

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