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Severe Weather Adventure
Fridays at noon, beginning Oct. 5, 2012
Content themes: Physical Science, Weather
Learn about the science of weather with WTAE Weather Watch 4 Chief Meteorologist Mike Harvey! See "lightning" shoot from the Tesla coil, experience the Tornado Cannon, and more!
Grades: PreK–12

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NEW! Say Cheese!
Opening February 2013
Content Themes: Chemistry, Health & Nutrition, Botany
Learn the history of cheese from the cow to our table. Cheese is a wonderful teaching tool for children, combining chemical reaction and practical results! At the end of our show, visitors will be able to taste our stretched mozzarella cheese. It's whey cool!
Grades: 1–6

NEW! Physics Smash Lab
Opening April 2013
Content Themes: Physical Science
Take physics to the limit! Investigate forces and motion as we smash it, bash it, and crash it.
Grades: 6–12

What's That Sound?
Tuesdays at noon
Content Themes: Early Learners, Physical Science, Biology
Early learners will explore the science of sound through rhythm and song! Make music with animals, steel drums, hand bells, songs, and an orchestra of boom whackers performed by the students!
Grades: PreK–K

Earth & Friends
Content themes: Early Learners, Physical Science, Astronomy
Soar though the Solar System in our Works Theater while going around the Sun on our Magic Planet video sphere. Early learners will explore space chemistry as they visit Earth and its "pals" (the other major planets) and learn why Earth has the right stuff for life!
Grades: PreK–K
Sponsored by: Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh; Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

NEW! Taste the Rainbow
Content Themes: Early Learners, Health & Nutrition, Botany, Environment
Join us in an adventure full of colorful fruits and vegetables as we explore how families can make healthy food options a part of their daily routine. Early learners will participate in cleaning, classifying by color, and identifying edible parts of fruits and vegetables.
Grades: PreK–K

Content Themes: Physical Science
Learn about the states of matter and see the effects of super-cold liquid Nitrogen. This ever-popular set of experiments demonstrates what happens when things get really cold.
Grades: 1–6

Fruit Flambé
Content Themes: Physical Science, Health and Nutrition
We serve up the chemistry of caramel, supersaturated solutions, and combustion in this tasty New Orleans dessert. Shows end in a delicious fiery finish!
Grades: 1–6

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Plant Pop
Content Themes: Physical Science, Health and Nutrition
Science is bubbling as we discuss the true roots of soda pop. Learn soda botany and the science of Carbon Dioxide gas!
Grades: 1–6

Wheel of Science
Content Themes: Physical Science
Come on down! You're the next contestant on Wheel of Science, our fabulous science game show. Students will spin our life-sized wheel to see amazing chemistry and physics experiments.
Grades: 1–6

UnderSea Alive
Content Themes: Environment, Biology
Students will take the plunge into our sea-sational fashion show about the unique adaptations of underwater organisms. They'll become seahorses or deadly jellyfish to learn how these animals protect themselves from predators.
Grades: 2–4

NEW! Illumination Sensation
Content Themes: Light, Optics, Chemistry
Discover the dazzling science of light! This illuminating show features optics, lasers, and things that glow.
Grades: 3–6

It Came From Outer Space
Content Themes: Physical Science, Astronomy, Engineering & Technology
Join our mission with astronaut and Pittsburgh native Captain Mike Fincke, as we explore space and new technologies that benefit us.
Grades: 4–8

NEW! Science in a Scoop
Content Themes: Chemistry, Health & Nutrition
Explore the chemistry of ice cream as our science chefs make tasty custard and cool it down with liquid nitrogen.
Grades: 4–8

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High Voltage
Content Themes: Engineering & Technology, Physical Science
This electrifying show features our Tesla Coil and its one-million volt display of light and sound. Presenation includes static charging equipment, magnets, and other concepts of electrical charge.
Grades: 6–12