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Join us in our 1950s-inspired Kitchen Theater, where the science of cooking comes to life! Part cooking class, part science lab, we deliver edible science in 30 minutes or less while teaching about the environment, biology, health and nutrition, and more!

Special needs: We supply Lactaid® ice cream, fruit sorbet, and applesauce for visitors who cannot eat a sample of what we make in the Kitchen Theater (upon request). We cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. We do not use nuts in any of the shows, but we do use brands that may be produced near nut-processed foods.


Fruit Flambé
Content themes: Physical Science, Health & Nutrition
Students will enjoy edible solutions as we serve up the chemistry of caramel, supersaturated solutions, and combustion in a tasty New Orleans dessert…while they learn the three components of fire and the nature of its chemical reaction, then delve into mixture versus solution chemistry. The fiery finish has some lip-smacking results!
Grades: 1–6
Capacity: 70
Standards: 3.4 A and B
Sponsored by:

Plant Pop
Content themes: Physical Science, Health & Nutrition
Can a pop-can lid withstand the pressure of fizzy soda? We’ll prove that carbon dioxide takes up more room as a gas than as a solid as we teach students about the true roots of soda. During this bubbly show, they’ll learn about the process of sublimation and the difference between density and volume—with a serving of botany on the side.
Grades: 1–6
Capacity: 70
Standards: K-4 B; 5-8B; 3.1.4; 3.4.4; 3.6.4
Sponsored by: K12

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