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Explore scientific topics in a big way with our Science Stage presentation—perfect for large groups! Students will learn about science with interactive demonstrations, become a debonair ’droid in our robotic fashion show, and more!

Special needs: Some demonstrations include loud explosions, spinning wheels, and walking down stairs to volunteer on stage.


What’s That Sound?
Content themes: Physical Science, Biology
Early learners will explore the science of sound, from animals to musical instruments as they are led in rhythm and song. This program teaches them about the science related to sound and invites them to predict whether an object will make a deep boom or a high-pitched squeak based on its size and shape. Steel drums, hand bells, boom whackers, and songs—oh my!
Grades: PreK–K
Capacity: 50

Wheel of Science
Content themes: Physical Science
Students, come on down! You’re the next contestant on Wheel of Science, our fabulous science game show. Students will take flight, conduct a symphony, explore animal adaptations, investigate the laws of motion, decode the secrets of DNA, and discover how cell phones work.
Grades: 1–6
Capacity: 300

UnderSea Alive
Content themes: Environment, Biology
Students will take the plunge into our seasational fashion show to learn about the unique adaptations of underwater organisms. They’ll become seahorses or deadly jellyfish to learn how these animals protect themselves from predators.
Grades: 2–4
Capacity: 300

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