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Works Theater


Science is always 'under construction' in the Works Theater, a live showcase of dazzling demonstrations in a one-of-a-kind industrial setting. Students can taste a marshmallow flash-frozen by liquid nitrogen at -321o F, see the glow of molten aluminum at over 1,200oF in our metal foundry, or hear what one million volts of electricity sounds like with our 10-foot Tesla coil.

Please note that all Works Theater shows must be scheduled in advance by your group leader.

When You Arrive

  • Be sure to arrive at the door at least 10 minutes before your scheduled show time with your group's ticket. This will enable your group to sit together and not miss a single second of the show.
  • Use the restroom and get a drink from the fountain before you enter the Works Theater.
  • There isn't a bad seat in the house, so encourage your students to sit close to one another. This will ensure that there is room for everybody who wants to see the show.
  • Be aware that some Works Theater programs may feature water vapor fog, strobe lighting, and loud sounds.
  • Depending on the show, some students may be selected to volunteer on stage. Audience members with certain medical devices or dental work may not be able to volunteer. If in doubt, ask a Science Center staff member.

Want To Learn More?

Here are some trusted web resources that go deeper into the topics covered in Works Theater.


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