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Water Explorations


Students will manipulate water to observe its behavior.


Wax paper, water in jars or cups, eye droppers, food coloring, straws, smocks, towels for cleanup, shallow trays or bins (optional)


When we see waves on water, it is because wind is blowing across the surface and moving the water. You can do the same thing with some water, a straw, and wax paper.


In advance, prepare cups of water with a few drops of food coloring to make different colors. Rip enough sheets of wax paper for each student to have one.

Lay out a sheet of wax paper for each student and distribute straws.

Help students put a few drops of water on their paper using eye droppers.

Have the students gently blow the water across the paper using a straw.

Place small puddles of differently colored water on the paper. See what happens when you blow them together.

Allow enough time for children to thoroughly explore the properties of water.


  1. Name the colors you mix and the colors produced.
  2. Where can we find water at home?
  3. Where can we find water outside?
  4. What do you use water for every day?
  5. What animals live in the water?

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