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Highmark SportsWorks®


Pittsburgh.  Many would argue that there isn’t a bigger sports town around, but did you know that a passion for sports can be a gateway to talk about the topics of physics, anatomy, biology, and even chemistry? Highmark SportsWorks® offers over two dozen interactive experiences to convey information about the physics of sport and the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Many of the attractions in Highmark SportsWorks® are full-body experiences, like our Ropes Challenge or 25-foot rock climbing wall. Students can feel the forces that affect a yo-yo on our You-Yo exhibit. Those that prefer to stay close to the ground can test their balance, dissect their baseball swing, and even learn hands-only CPR.

When You Arrive

  • Please walk – unless you are racing a friend at our Sprint! exhibit.
  • The Ropes Challenge has requires a minimum height of 48 inches and full mobility. Other exhibits may have other size or mobility requirements.  Highmark SportsWorks® staff will not put a student on an experience if they do not meet the size requirements.
  • Remind your students that line holding and line jumping are not permitted.
  • Encourage students to enjoy their time at Highmark SportsWorks® safely.  Follow all instructions provided on signs and Carnegie Science Center staff members.

Want To Learn More?

Here are some trusted web resources that go deeper into the topics covered in the Highmark SportsWorks®.

Science of the Summer Olympics – Engineering in Sports

The Physics of Sports

Kids Health – Eating for Sports

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