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Miniature Railroad & Village®


The Miniature Railroad & Village® ­­features hundreds of wonderfully realistic animated scenes that illustrate how people lived, worked, and played in our region during an era spanning the 1880s to the late 1930s.  Our display is 83 by 30 feet and is over 90 years old.  All models on the display are hand-built at quarter-inch, or 1:48, scale.

The Miniature Railroad & Village® ­features 7 locomotives on over 1,300 feet of track, 105 animations, 250,000+ trees, 14 aircraft, 85 automobiles, 1 incline, 60 trucks, 22 horse-drawn vehicles, and 23,000 baseball fans in Forbes Field.

Understanding scale is a crucial skill for engineers.  Blueprints, scale models, and computer aided drafting are used in the engineering field every day to represent structures that will be much bigger in real-life than they are on paper.

When You Arrive

  • Help students to stay behind the railing at all times.  Please refrain from touching the trains and the models.
  • Please stay together
  • Take your time exploring the Miniature Railroad & Village®.  Groups that take their time notice many small details.
  • Look for local and regional landmarks like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Gobbler’s Knob, and Allegheny Observatory.

Want To Learn More?

Here are some trusted web resources that go deeper into the topics covered in the Miniature Railroad & Village®.

Pittsburgh Historic Maps

The Railroad in Pennsylvania

How Trains Work

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