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Buhl Planetarium


Blast off to the Buhl Planetarium for an exhilarating new planetarium experience! The Buhl Planetarium is a part of Pittsburgh history and has been enjoyed by generations of children and adults since 1939, but this isn't your grandfather's planetarium. This high-definition, full-dome planetarium can take you from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the inside of the human body.

Stargazers of all ages can see a planetarium show to journey through space and time, and discover what it takes to be an astronaut. Or, your group can be dazzled by lights and rockin' beats in one of our spectacular laser shows.

Please note that Buhl Planetarium shows must be scheduled in advance by your group leader.

When You Arrive

  • Be sure to arrive at the door at least 10 minutes before your scheduled show time with your group's ticket. This will enable your group to sit together and not miss a single second of the show. If you are late for your scheduled time and the show has already started, you will not be able to enter the planetarium.
  • Use the restroom and get a drink from the fountain before you enter the Buhl Planetarium. If you leave the Planetarium during the show you cannot return.
  • There isn't a bad seat in the house, so encourage your students to sit close to one another. This will ensure that there is room for everybody who wants to see the show.

Want To Learn More?

Here are some trusted web resources that go deeper into the topics covered in the Buhl Planetarium.


NASA for Educators

Sky & Telescope – Sky at a Glance

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Printable Star Charts – Northern & Southern Skies

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