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At the BodyStage, take a journey through the human body – stopping by the intestines, taste buds, and brain – in a fun science lab atmosphere. Live demonstrations explore nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, physical fitness, anatomy, and medical technology. Touch a 5-pound block of 'fat,' see MRI images, and taste healthy edible science. All shows are geared to the Next Generation Science Standards, enjoyable for all ages, and delivered in 30 minutes or less!

Please note that all Body Stage shows must be scheduled in advance by your group leader.

When You Arrive

  • Be sure to arrive at the door at least 10 minutes before your scheduled show time with your group's ticket. This will enable your group to sit together and not miss a single second of the show.
  • Use the restroom and get a drink from the fountain before you enter the Body Stage.
  • There isn’t a bad seat in the house, so encourage your students to sit close to one another. This will ensure that there is room for everybody who wants to see the show.
  • Some students may get the opportunity to help with the demonstrations, but everyone else should stay in their seats. The Body Stage includes working a kitchen with hot stoves (and sometimes liquid nitrogen).
  • Samples will be served to your group at the end of shows that contain a cooking element. If anyone in your group has food allergies, feel free to ask for a list the ingredients used in the demonstration. We use no nuts in our recipes, but there is a possibility some ingredients were processed in a facility that also processes nuts. We will do our best to provide alternate samples for anybody with food allergies.

Want To Learn More?

Here are some trusted web resources that go deeper into the topics covered in the BodyStage.

Science of Cooking

Choose My Plate

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