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STEM Program 2013-2014

Act 48 Offerings

Workshops at Educators' Locations, Dates upon request.

Pre-K Teachers

Soapy Science – 1.5 hours

Why is soap so good at getting dirt off our hands? What else can we use it for? Explore the answer to these questions and more with fun, hands-on soapy science experiments developed especially for the Pre-K classroom.

Magnets and Magnetism – 1.5 hours

Explore the exciting properties of magnets and their effect on a variety of materials in this hands-on workshop. Learn why scientists think magnets work the way they do, and why they're so irresistible to your preschoolers!

Creative Use and Reuse – 1.5 hours

Not all your science tools need to be ordered from a catalog! Discover new ways to use and reuse classroom materials and recyclables for science investigations in this hands-on workshop.

Approaches to Inquiry:
Creating quality hands-on science experiences in the Pre-K classroom – 3 hours

This participatory session explores current best practices for hands-on early childhood classroom science. Join us as we examine the use of inquiry and the scientific method through exciting, hands-on science experiences, investigating the value of open-ended questioning for Pre-K scientific exploration. Come away with a handout of all activities, and some new ways thinking about science for Pre-K.

Contact: Wendy Brenneman at BrennemanW@CarnegieScienceCenter.Org or 412-208-5043.

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