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Kelly Hughes

I was raised in Minneapolis, met my hubby at college near Green Bay (but GO Steelers!), spent 4 years in Virginia Beach while he did his grad work, and then continued to Pittsburgh. My degree and full-time gig pre-children were music and teaching piano. I still dabble in it and play frequently for my church (where my hubs is an assistant pastor), but mostly I've moved on to planning play dates, teaching please and thank-you's and trying to convince my kiddos that carrots are a better snack than chocolate chip cookies (they're not buying it). I currently run the Pgh Momtourage which has allowed me to meet great families all across the city. We've had a lot of fun exploring every possible family activity Pittsburgh has to offer! I've been blessed with 2 beautiful littles who make me laugh every day. When I'm not behind on washing diapers or dishes I try to sneak in a little blogging (ok, let's be honest: my sink is full right now).

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Dennis Jerz

Dennis Jerz, who teaches new media journalism and English at Seton Hill University, is the father of a 14-year-old philosopher-scientist (who enjoys reading about physics, biology, and military history) and a 10-year-old artist (who enjoys performing in musicals, taking things apart, and any crafts that involve getting messy). His has published on engineering communication, representations of technology in literature, and the history of computer games. He has maintained Jerz's Literacy Weblog since 1999. He and his wife Leigh enjoy homeschooling their kids, reading good books, and supporting the local arts.

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Lou Rainaldi

A proud father of two and dedicated husband, Lou Rainaldi spends all of his free time with his family. He travels with his family around the Greater Pittsburgh Area and enjoys camping and other family activities. He is an avid photographer who is known to always have a camera on him and enjoys sharing the pictures with family and friends. His children are now showing an interest in both photography and video, which he enjoys teaching them. With over 15 years of experience in the computer and Internet industry and currently a Development Manager working on both web and server-side programming, he has watched and been involved in the growth of the Internet from Usenet groups to Social Media. He enjoys learning about history and keeping up to date on all technology.

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Shimira Williams

Shimira Williams is a STEM advocate, Pittsburgh native and entrepreneur, who aspires to be a catalyst in eliminating the digital divide, especially in urban communities. She lives, works and plays all things STEM! Williams is the owner of Productivity, LLC, which offers organizations technical consultation to adapt and enhance technical processes in their operations. In addition, individuals can register for professional development seminars offered throughout the year. Productivity, LLC also operates TekStart, a STEM-based before and after-school program (including a summer program) whose mission is to kick start technology education. Before branching out, Williams was employed as a Database Analyst in the financial sector and Chief Financial Officer for a local development firm. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University - Behrend in Business Economics. When not working, Williams enjoys photography, watching sports and traveling.

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Alayna Richard

Hi! I'm Alayna Richard! I am wife to John and mom to Isaiah, age 2.5, and Annika, age 8 months. I am also a mechanical engineer turned domestic engineer, busy running the Richard household seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Isaiah, Annika, and I regularly meet up with other moms with kids to explore the many wilderness areas that can be found in the South Hills, such as South Park, Heidelberg Park, and Peterswood Park. I also love to bake and cook, always utilizing an app for that to broaden my family's culinary horizons. As a family, we love to explore events around Pittsburgh, such as the Regatta, the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and of course, Carnegie Science Center. And if that's not enough, our family even has a green side! We love cloth diapering, berry picking, Community Supported Agriculture, and composting with an eventual desire to garden – someday! My toddler and baby keep me very busy, but I love to blog and read in my spare time. This summer, I'm excited to give you a CSC Insider's look at the Carnegie Science Center from this momma's perspective, and I hope you are looking forward to reading as well!

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Jillian Lusk

I'm a 20-something who moved to Pittsburgh just over two years ago; as a result, I'm still learning about everything this city has to offer! I live just a few neighborhoods over from the museum with my husband. We're both kids at heart, so we're excited to have the opportunity to explore the CSC this summer! Some fast facts about me: my favorite color is yellow, I talk a mile a minute, and I love anything and everything with chocolate. I'm really looking forward to being a CSC Insider this summer!

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