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What's That Sound?

Cost: Free with Admission

Is this a high sound or a low sound? Early learners are led in rhythm and song as they learn to predict whether an object will make a deep boom or a high-pitched squeak based on its size and shape. Everyone gets to tap a Boomwhacker and delight in the musical tones of a steel drum.

Dates and times for this event

Today's date is Jun 25, 2019

< Jan. 2019 Mar. 2019 >
Feb 03, 201911:30 am
Feb 06, 20192:00 pm
Feb 09, 20191:00 pm
Feb 11, 20191:00 pm
Feb 17, 201911:00 am
Feb 18, 201911:30 am
1:00 pm
Feb 23, 20192:00 pm
Feb 24, 20191:00 pm
Feb 25, 201911:30 am
12:30 pm
Feb 26, 20194:00 pm

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