Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Feb 6, 2015 Daily until Feb 7, 2015

Discover the science of weather—learn about geography, geology, meteorology, and more!

Hands-on activity stations are designed and presented by Cal U students who are currently majoring in meteorology, geology, geographic information systems, mathematics, and education. Cal U students also recruit volunteers from Ohio University to assist at the event.

Friday, Feb. 6

  • 10 am - 3 pm: StormFest is open to the general public. Activities are free with paid admission to the Science Center.
  • 6 pm: StormFest will be part of a Carnegie Science Center 21+ Night.

Activities include Make A Weather Map, CalU Meteorology Club, Updrafts, Cookie Topography, Dewie Sleet, Make a Cloud, Paper Snowflakes, Play with a Rain Drop, Cupcake Core Sampling, Cloud In A Bottle, Water Cycle Bracelets, and Make a Rock El Nino In a Basket.

Saturday, Feb. 7

  • 10 am - 5 pm: StormFest will be open to the general public. Activities are free with paid admission to the Science Center. 
  • 11 am and 2 pm: Nick "the Weather Dude" Walker, a meteorologist from The Weather Channel will be signing autographs and performing at the Works Theater. Walker is the author of "Sing Along with the Weather Dude," a book and CD for children, and "Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared," a CD of weather songs to teach severe weather preparedness.

Activities include Homemade paper, El Nino in a Basket, Play with a Rain Drop, Make a Rock, Updrafts, Pressure, Dewie Sleet, Calu Meteorology, Paper Snowflakes, Make a Weather Map, Cloud Spotter Guides, Make a Cloud, CalU Geology Club, Water Density, Homemade Thermometers, Glurch, Lava Bottles, Wind Socks, Calu Parks and Rec, Rain Sticks, Calu GIS, Cupcake Core Sampling, Edible Landfills, Cloud In A Bottle, Dressed for the Weather, Water Cycle Bracelets, Handprint Suns, Scratch and Sniff Stickers, Cookie topography, and Fossil prints

The annual educational outreach event is hosted in partnership with California University of Pennsylvania's Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

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