• Carnegie Science Center and The Rangos Giant Cinema
    will open at noon on Sun., May 5

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21+ Nights
21+ Nights

Move it, Move it!

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Check Daily Schedule for Showtimes

Jump out of your seat ... touch your feet! Explore how physical activity can help your body do great things!

Sponsored by

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Dates and times for this event

Today's date is Apr 26, 2019

< Jan. 2019 Mar. 2019 >
Feb 04, 201912:00 pm
Feb 07, 201912:00 pm
Feb 11, 201912:00 pm
Feb 13, 201911:30 am
Feb 18, 201912:00 pm
Feb 20, 20191:00 pm
Feb 21, 201912:30 pm
Feb 22, 201911:00 am
Feb 23, 20191:30 pm
Feb 25, 201912:00 pm
Feb 27, 201911:00 am

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