• Carnegie Science Center and The Rangos Giant Cinema
    will open at noon on Sun., May 5

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The Energy Show

Date: Daily starting Nov 24, 2014

In this energy-themed show, learn how energy is harnessed to power our civilization. Explore renewable and non-renewable alternatives, while learning about technologies and careers needed to sustain energy consumption. During the show, learn how to identify energy forms and examples of energy.

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Dates and times for this event

Today's date is Apr 26, 2019

< Oct. 2017 Dec. 2017 >
Nov 03, 201712:30 pm
Nov 15, 201712:30 pm
Nov 16, 20171:00 pm
Nov 17, 201712:30 pm
Nov 20, 20171:00 pm
2:00 pm

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