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It's Alimentary, Watson!

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Check Daily Schedule

Solve the mystery of what happens to food as it journeys through the human body through the alimentary canal (gastrointestinal tract). Students will understand how food is converted into energy and used by all parts of the body's systems.

Sponsored by:

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Dates and times for this event

Today's date is Mar 25, 2019

< Jul. 2018 Sep. 2018 >
Aug 02, 201812:30 pm
Aug 03, 20181:00 pm
Aug 04, 20183:00 pm
Aug 06, 20183:30 pm
Aug 10, 201811:00 am
Aug 16, 20181:00 pm
Aug 19, 20181:00 pm
Aug 20, 20184:00 pm
Aug 24, 201811:30 am
Aug 26, 201811:30 am
Aug 27, 20184:00 pm
Aug 29, 20182:00 pm
Aug 31, 20181:00 pm

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