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Full-dome Digital Planetarium Show

The Sky Above Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Children love this planetarium show!

Transform your planetarium dome into the Neighborhood of Make Believe with this unique preschool program from Carnegie Science Center.

Join the residents of the popular children's PBS television show as they explore the wonders of The Sky Above Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.Watch the sun set from Daniel's clock. Go stargazing from the roof of King Friday's castle. And find out if Lady Elaine Fairchild can catch the Moon for her museum in this computer-animated version of the popular children's television show.

Written and performed by Pittsburgh's own Fred Rogers, this 20-minute show combines your planetarium projector and other traditional planetarium effects with a video laser disc or DVD featuring colorful computer animation of characters from the longest running show on public television. It's an ageless adventure for early learners!

Add backgrounds as All-Skies or Panoramas from the supplied Digital Art Resource CD. You'll also have access to electronic copies of Parents and Teachers guides to the show as well as a radio spot for promotional purposes. And we can suggest fun and educational merchandise for your gift shop created by Family Communications Inc., producers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


  • Based on annual attendance
  • $1,500 for fewer than 30,000 visitors a year
  • $3,000 for 30,000-60,000 visitors a year
  • $6,000 for attendance over 60,000 a year

The Sky Above Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a production of Family Communications, Inc., and Carnegie Science Center.

A Traveler's Guide to Mars

Get ready for the most immersive space journey yet! We'll take you on a full-dome digital guided tour of the once mysterious surface of Mars, the red planet. Traverse ancient lake beds and channels in search of the history of Mars' watery past and visit the most Mars-like places on Earth.

Mars once was only seen through telescopes and robotic probes, but your audiences will feel as if they have stepped out onto the surface of Mars. See realistic visualizations of the surface of one of the most popular sites in the Solar System! We will explore various Mars geological features captured in the latest digital spacecraft and rover imagery and compare them to similar Earth features in dramatic high-definition video.

This program is adapted from the book A Traveler's Guide to Mars written by planetary geologist, writer and painter, Dr. William K. Hartmann. Winner of the first Carl Sagan Medal from the American Astronomical Society, Hartmann is known internationally for his work as a participating scientist on the U.S. Mars Global Surveyor Mission. He is a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute based in Tucson, Arizona. Hartmann is an advisor to this project.

Format: Full-dome originals encoded for various projector configurations
Length: 25 minutes
Suggested age group: All ages
Price: $15,000.

More Planetarium Shows

Add some propulsion to your library of planetarium shows with this tried and true line-up of outstanding titles.

The Search For Life In The Universe

Are we alone in the Universe? Narrator Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Mr. Spock) poses this question, which has puzzled humanity since its beginning. Learn about the attempts being made to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Examine the ingredients necessary for life on our planet as we ponder the possibility of life in our solar system and beyond. 38 minutes in length.

Suggested age group: Grades 6 and up
Show Kit includes: Laser disc or DVD video, digitally mastered soundtrack, 150 Slides, script and production notes, Digistar files, radio spot narrated by Leonard Nimoy Price: $995

Women Hold Up Half The Sky

This 35-minute program takes a close-up look at 11 women astronomers and reveals their unique contributions to the field of astronomy. The program is enhanced by short on-camera interviews with some of the “leading ladies” of astronomy, including Carolyn Shoemaker, Vera Rubin, Margaret Geller and Dr. Shannon Lucid.

Suggested age group: All ages
Show Kit includes: DVD video, soundtrack, 90 Slides, Digistar files, script
Price: $1,500

On Orbit

Take your audiences on a virtual tour to the International Space Station with this exciting program featuring more than 50 minutes of NASA video footage. Designed as an interactive training mission, this program is divided into nine distinct areas, including: Past Stations, Crew Training, Lift-off to Station, Station Overview, Hazards of Space, Living and Working in Space, Robotics, Scientific Benefits and Return to Earth. If you don't have an interactive system in your theater, you may want to turn this program into a multi-lesson program to create your own astronaut camp experience!

Suggested age group: Grade 6 and up
Show Kit includes: DVD video with soundtrack, digital artwork, script
Price: $1,500

Far Out Space Places

Go on a virtual vacation to the top spots in our Solar System as we explore some of the best images of the Moon and planets obtained by some of the very latest interplanetary spacecraft. Designed as an interactive program, the DVD contains short sequences on all of the major objects in the Solar System that you can easily program into your seasonal sky identification programs!

Suggested age group: All ages
Show Kit includes: 40 minute DVD video with soundtrack, digital artwork, script
Cost: $1,500

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